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If you suffer from Acute or Chronic Lower Back Pain and are unsure of how to resolve it,

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Exercises for Lower Back Pain. Click Here.

The Exercise Page contains photos and detailed instructions for many common lower back pain issues.  These exercises and stretches are easy, short and safe to perform. 

You may have pain from simple activities such as sitting, standing, bending or lifting for long periods. Your hips and hamstrings may feel very tight, causing back discomfort.  Perhaps, you have issues with pain in the morning, spasms, stiffness or also disc or soft tissue injuries. 

Hopefully, you are in search of more information on what you can do to address these areas of concerns.  Please read further and explore the many links in this site for help.


Many issues related to back pain are a result of muscular and joint imbalances that can be self-corrected through specific movements, stretches and exercises. Lumbar Joint Pain


The program that is encouraged here is designed to teach the value of the proper use of your muscles and joints, specifically your leg muscles, hip flexors, back and abdominal muscles.  The correct use and function of these muscles are vital to maintaining much needed flexibility and stability of both your joints and lumbar spine


When these areas do not receive adequate exercises, stretches and movements, their function and performance declines.  They progressively lose their ability to provide much needed help and support while performing everyday tasks.  Over time, the spine must sometimes perform beyond its ability and compensate for the lack of movement from the other essential muscle groups and joints. 


It then takes on a greater workload and endures longer durations of stress.  Other less vital muscles are also recruited to perform.  These muscles do not have the ability to perform these tasks as well and therefore begin to fatigue.  This results in strain and injury to both the muscles and lumbar spine due to improper use, over use, imbalances and weakness. 


To prevent such injury, these 'protective' muscles should be retrained and reconditioned.  The workload that we place on our bodies will then transfer from the lower back and spine, to the hips, leg muscles and stronger (and better suited) muscles involved.   Pain will naturally decrease with reconditioning and retraining.

Low Back Pain Ebook

The challenge that we have now is to find the correct techniques and exercises to perform to reverse this painful condition.  Most back pain suggestions available (although with very good intentions) are either too strict or too difficult to perform.   The user quickly finds the exercises difficult, fatiguing or painful to perform.   They then stop and continue to struggle to find the correct help.  Incorrect exercises have the same effect and consequently result in the return of your pain.


If you have significant concerns about whether or not an exercise program is the right option for you, you are not alone, your comfort and present level of injury to your back is a serious matter.  However, this program is NOT a workout, it is rather a rehabilitation routine that you self learn at your own pace and comfort level.  It is specific to those who are already hesitant and require a very safe pace in their recovery.  For more, see, Concerns about Exercise, More Concerns and Why Exercise?


This Program helps to avoid this common problem and to provide careful, safe and easy exercises that can be performed at your own pace as your pain level decreases.


This site will help clarify these issues and provide for you a safe and very effective plan.  Please look through the many topics and solutions available here.



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Recent Comments

Recent Review and Comments


"Excellent read!...the ideas here apply to several forms of chronic pain, in my case hip pain. Simple, easy to understand steps that have made a huge difference in pain management and improving quality of life - thank you."  - R.S. Newmarket


"You've done a fabulous job of providing such thorough and clear info...very creative..."  - C.M. Uxbridge


"a very comprehensive, practical and step by step guide. You've given me hope that relief is possible, and that I can heal. I feel ready to start the program now that I have this helpful guide." - C.N. Aurora


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 Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes, we don't realize or understand what we may be doing incorrectly to address our lower back pain. We may even make matters worse. 

Obstacles, misunderstandings and incorrect beliefs about stretching can limit recovery and pain relief.



Back Pain Facts

Back Pain Facts

 "most cases of back pain are mechanical"; "back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work"; "it is the single leading cause of disability in the world".  Read further for more facts about back pain.



 Management Tips

Management Tips

Back spasms and morning back pain are frequent and difficult issues that accompany back pain.  Learn about the problems of back spasms and morning back pain and how to manage them.



 Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is both a proven and highly recommended method to naturally treat lower back pain. However, it must be performed carefully and with specific targeted movements to be effective for those who suffer. Exercise and the advantages of the program exercise Ebook are further explained here.



Exercise Concerns

Exercise Concerns

Exercise is vital for long term recovery. We often have worries and fears of exercising in order to treat the pain.  Beliefs, assumptions and areas of concern regarding adopting an exercise program can be addressed here. MORE.



Program FAQs

Program FAQs

'How long does the program take?', 'How quickly will I see relief?, 'What is so special about your program?'

Common questions and the exercise Ebook can be found here.  MORE.