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Tight Rectus Femoris Tips

How to stretch your tight Rectus femoris safely Sherwin Nicholson Hon.Bsc. |Updated Dec 1, 2022 Is your rectus femoris (Rf) tight? How you can tell. The right stretches will help you right away, so scroll/swipe to the bottom of this page! Usually you would not [...]

Pelvic Tilt and Lower Back Pain

How Pelvic Tilt And Back Pain Are Related  Published July 23, 2018 | Updated March 23, 2020 | Dr. Brent Wells | Sherwin Nicholson (reviewed) Back pain can be one of the most annoying and confusing physical problems that ever comes your way. Why? Because [...]

4 Causes of lower back pain

Help for 4 Types of Lower Back Pain  Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 6, 2020 Do you know the 4 types? The more you know, the easier your treatment will be. Most involve muscular imbalances that either worsen them or are from them.  Below you [...]

Degenerative Disc Disease. Should I Worry?

What Is Degenerative Disc Disease All About? Is it Really a Disease? Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 6, 2020 Don’t get too worried, just be concerned. Although it is termed as a disease, degenerative disc disease (DDD) is not actually a disease.  It is a [...]

Facet Joints & How They Cause Pain

The Facet Joint & How It Causes Back Pain Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 5, 2020 When you think of back pain, usually you tend to think of either your back muscles or your discs. There is another area that can cause discomfort with symptoms [...]

Why stretching relieves back pain

Safer Stretching To Relieve & Lower Back Pain Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 5, 2020 Chronic back pain? Do you hate to stretch? You may have found the problem. Don't avoid it. You need it. You may not like to hear this but stretching is [...]

Acute and Chronic Back Pain. 2 Leading Causes

Acute and Chronic Back Pain. Here are 2 Causes Why Sherwin Nicholson | May 5, 2020 Know the differences to help treat yourself When the pain is Acute Any back pain that you experience suddenly and without any predictable warning signs is considered to be [...]

Hip Flexors and Hamstrings. Pain & Treatment

Save Your Back by Fixing Your Tight Hip flexors and hamstrings? Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 6, 2020 Keeping them in shape is still the best solution for relieving hip pain and protecting your back It's a very bold statement but it's also very true.  [...]

Back and Abdominal Muscles

Your Back and Abdominal Muscles The dangers of muscle spasms and guarding Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 4, 2020 Your back muscles divide into two groups.  Extrinsic and intrinsic.  Within each group, they arrange symmetrically along either side on your spine in a mirror-like fashion [...]

Vertebral Discs and Back Pain

Your Vertebral Discs and Back Pain Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 4, 2020 Disc Health Figure 4.1 illustrates a section of a healthy spine that is properly aligned.  The muscle groups that support it should be kept balanced to ideally maintain optimal disc pressure. Here, [...]

Your Lumbar Spine

Your Lumbar Spine By Sherwin Nicholson | May 4, 2020  Your spine (A.K.A. The vertebral column) is a dynamic structure that is able to perform an amazing range of movements while under stress.  It is constantly and actively supporting you. Unless you are lying down [...]