Ten Important Exercises for Lower Back and Hip Pain

10 Exercises for Lower Back and Hip Pain That Everyone Should Practice By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources Scroll down for the exercises! The internet, bookstores and treatment providers each suggest an almost unlimited but somewhat confusing number of exercises to help relieve lower back pain.  You may even find yourself confused and with many unanswered questions. Where to begin?  What to do?  How to do it?  [...]

Pain When Standing

Does your back hurt when you are standing? By |Sherwin Nicholson - Research Scientist | SN Health Resources Lumbar pain when standing even for short periods of time can arise for many reasons.  The most common cause, however, is mechanical.  When it is mechanical, there is unbalanced support among your muscles, joints, and discs. The pain you feel is usually not discovered until many factors that affect the [...]

Lower Back Pain and Sitting

How Extended Periods of Sitting lead to Chronic Lower Back Pain and What You Should Do By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources This form of pain affects virtually everyone at least once in their lifetime.  It can have either a minor or profound effect on our lives and in our routine. We may experience some daily aches and pains which may only require rest.  Perhaps an occasional [...]

Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Exercises that Everyone Should Follow for Lower Back Pain Relief By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources Safe, effective and easy to perform.  These exercises, movements, and stretches will help you on your path to recovery from back pain.  Low back pain is very complex, with many factors and causes.  Click the Titles below to learn the corresponding exercise For more in-depth help, explore the site and the Program. [...]

Relief for Morning Stiffness

Your Back Should Not Have to Be Stiff Every Morning Updated August 18, 2016 Use the Standing Hip Shift Exercise to ease morning stiffness An Exercise for the Relief of Morning Stiffness Stiffness is not only from age, but also from lifestyle Over time, with age, lack of conditioning and injury, we become more prone to morning stiffness.  We are no longer able to naturally maintain [...]

Stretching for Lower Back Pain

Safer stretching for lower back pain Updated March 2016 If you have chronic back pain, you may not want to ever stretch. Here is what you should know to use stretching to your advantage for relieving back pain. Stretching is an important part of the maintenance of the long term health of your entire body.  Your body benefits because it keeps the muscles at their optimal length.  This [...]

Stretches for Piriformis Syndrome Pain

An important stretch to help relieve piriformis syndrome pain Updated March 2016  If you have significant pain deep in your buttock region that get worse with sitting, you may likely have piriformis syndrome. Your buttock may feel very tender and sore when pressure is applied.  Pain begins deep within the buttocks originating with the piriformis muscle, travels down the back of the thigh and then down to the [...]

Gluteus Muscle Test for Lower Back Pain

Try this gluteus muscle test to help lower back pain Updated March 2016  Your Gluteus maximus muscle plays a major role in preventing lower back pain. When the gluteus maximus is proper conditioned, it will be the first muscle to activate upon leg muscle contraction.  It is needed for raising the body up, moving it forward and for lowering it down. Other muscles, such as the quadriceps (thighs) [...]

Lumbar Pain

Updated March 2016 An Exercise for Lumbar Pain The Lying Twist Exercise  Lumbar pain can have many factors as to its cause. Those who have chronic back pain usually experience stiffness, tightness and very poor flexibility in the lumbar region.  Part of this is due to 'muscle guarding'.  Guarding removes your ability to twist, lean or bend.  This 'rigidity' also prevents your lower intra-spinal muscles from relaxing, thereby [...]

Hip Pain

Updated March 2016  An Exercise for Hip and Back Pain The Seated Leg Cross Stretch  It is very common to have both hip muscle pain with lower back pain.  When your gluteus maximus, medius and minimus are not both stretched and strengthened optimally, pain results.  These muscles become weak and short.  Because these muscles are attached to the hip bones, they place a constant tension on them.  If [...]

Glute Muscle Pain

Updated March 2016 An Exercise for Glute Muscle and Back Pain The Seated Leg to Chest Stretch It is very common to have both glute muscle pain and lower back pain.  When your gluteus maximus, medius and minimus are not both stretched and strengthened, pain results.  These muscles become weak and short.  They are primary movers for your hip let alone your entire body.  Without adequate exercise, they [...]

Weak Gluteal Muscles

Updated March 2016   Practicing the Reverse Lunge to Save Your Glutes An Exercise for Weak Gluteal Muscles Leading to Lower Back Pain It is very common to have weak gluteus muscles, specifically the gluteus maximus.  This is one of the strongest yet most neglected muscles needed to protect the spine.  A strong gluteus maximus is key to pain relief.  Its engagement is important as it activates to mobilize [...]