When Should You See a Specialist?

When You Should See a Specialist For Back Pain by Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources Depending on your symptoms, you may need to consult your doctor for a specialist sooner than later Please consult with your family physician if you have the following symptoms: A sharp, stabbing or severe pain in any region of the spine from head to buttocks.  Symptoms are most common in the lumbar [...]

Ten Important Exercises for Lower Back and Hip Pain

10 Exercises for Lower Back and Hip Pain That Everyone Should Practice By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources Scroll down for the exercises! The internet, bookstores and treatment providers each suggest an almost unlimited but somewhat confusing number of exercises to help relieve lower back pain.  You may even find yourself confused and with many unanswered questions. Where to begin?  What to do?  How to do it?  [...]

Pain When Standing

Does your back hurt when you are standing? By |Sherwin Nicholson - Research Scientist | SN Health Resources Lumbar pain when standing even for short periods of time can arise for many reasons.  The most common cause, however, is mechanical.  When it is mechanical, there is unbalanced support among your muscles, joints, and discs. The pain you feel is usually not discovered until many factors that affect the [...]

Lunges for Back Pain

Using the Power of Your Leg Muscles to help Your Back is Vital By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources Why should we lunge to relieve back pain? Why would exercising leg muscles benefit your spine? Shouldn't I exercise my back instead of my legs? The correlation between your leg muscles and the health of your lumbar spine is closely related.  The major factor that connects the importance of [...]

The Better Hamstring Stretch

The Better Way to Stretch Your Hamstrings and Avoid Back Problems By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources Stretching Your Hamstrings Safely and Improving Hip Mobility Stop performing 'reach for your toes' hamstring stretches.  They are both ineffective and dangerous. A better hamstring stretch is available.  Here is the Stretch.  Let's discuss its importance. First impressions can be wrong The image above illustrates someone who can perform a [...]

Tips for Sleeping

Follow These Tips to Reduce Back Pain when Sleeping By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources When you have lower back pain, sleeping becomes particularly challenging.  It is common to wake up often with many episodes of pain.  Chronic pain affects your quality of sleep by limiting your ability to enter the deeper state of sleep.  Without deep sleep, your body won't repair and heal efficiently, slowing down [...]

Morning Back Pain Tips

If Your Back Hurts Every Morning, You Should Follow These Vital Tips By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources What can I do to stop from hurting every morning? Suggestions for Your Morning Back Pain Anyone who suffers from the ordeal of morning back pain understands that it is more serious than others realize.  At first, the symptoms are rare.  As your back becomes worse, the pain is [...]

Back Pain When Working

Suffering from back pain at work? It's not your boss; it's your habits. Updated August 16, 2016 Take a 'stretch break' every 30 min for 1 min to reduce discomfort It is one of the most common causes of sick leave and hospitalizations from the work force.  When work days are lost due to back pain, it is not just for one or two days, but [...]

6 Common Doctor-Recommended Remedies for Lower Back Pain

6 improved Common Doctor-Recommended Remedies for Lower Back Pain By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources Tips on How to Follow Them More Effectively Search the Internet, and you will find a plethora of explanations and perspectives on how to treat lower back pain.  Even on this site, you will find similar views among some unique strategies and treatments.   A very common method of suggesting treatment is [...]

How to Stretch Your Hamstrings Safely and Properly

How to Stretch Your Hamstrings Safely and Properly to Avoid Back Problems Updated August 17, 2016 The Pelvic Effect The majority of people who experience lower back pain, also have tight or shortened hamstrings. When your hamstrings do not provide the sufficient length and flexibility to perform everyday tasks, the work of the upper body must compensate for it.  Your hamstrings are attached from your femur to your [...]

eBook instructions

How to Use the Low Back Pain Program eBook By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources Answers to where to begin, which exercises, how many, how long, etc.. Congratulations and Welcome to the Program!  Get the printable progress charts here: Progress Charts (for Word) Progress Charts (for PDF) The Low Back Pain Program eBook contains many specific, detailed and different exercises to help you to relieve your pain.  [...]

Keeping Motivated

How to stay motivated when it becomes too difficult to relieve your back pain Updated March 2016 Whether you are looking for a treatment, learning one, or using one to maintain your health, motivation is paramount.  It in order to keep up your motivation you must adopt proper reasons in which to stay motivated.  Regardless of the choice that you make to stay motivated,  it is up to [...]