1 minute hip flexor stretch

Open up your hip flexors for both back and hip pain relief in 1 minute Sherwin Nicholson | Updated Dec 2, 2020 Aim for keeping your thigh against your stomach while keeping your other leg straight Do both your hips and lower back [...]

1 minute hip flexor stretch2024-03-01T16:16:51-05:00

Pelvic Tilt and Lower Back Pain

How Pelvic Tilt And Back Pain Are Related  Published July 23, 2018 | Updated March 23, 2020 | Dr. Brent Wells | Sherwin Nicholson (reviewed) Back pain can be one of the most annoying and confusing physical problems that ever comes your way. Why? Because [...]

Pelvic Tilt and Lower Back Pain2024-03-01T16:16:52-05:00

External Hip Rotator Pain? Help & Answers

Is your hip pain from tight rotator muscles? Follow these 2 simple exercises to ease your pain Hip rotators allow you to open your legs outward Updated May 7, 2020 | Sherwin Nicholson Hip muscle pain is pretty common, especially if you sit [...]

External Hip Rotator Pain? Help & Answers2024-03-01T16:17:31-05:00

Tight Hip Flexor Pain & Help

Are Tight Hip Flexors Causing Your Pain? By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources | Updated May 1, 2020 Follow these 2 easy exercises now for relief To go to the exercises: Skip to the bottom (but please read on to  understand the underlying problems). [...]

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