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How you can sit to save your back

Sit on the floor this way to protect and save your back Sherwin Nicholson | Updated Dec 2, 2020 Sitting with your legs in this position is a much healthier alternative to chair sitting If you need to spend the greater part of [...]

Back Pain When Sitting? Why & What To Do

Why It Hurts When You Sit & What You Should Do By Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 7, 2020 If your back hurts when you sit, here is a solution For most of us, we must sit for many hours. And if you don't have [...]

Hip Pain & What You Can Do

How Crossing Your Legs Can Relieve Hip and Back Pain By Sherwin Nicholson | May 4, 2020 Do this 'Seated Leg Cross' stretch for natural relief Don't go to the exercise yet! Start here first! Are you sitting all day? Yes. Do your hips hurt? [...]

Sitting with back pain? How to stop it

A Easy Way to Relieve Back Pain From Sitting By Sherwin Nicholson | May 1, 2020 The Seated Lunge Technique can help you right away, anytime. When you sit, practice this exercise.  It's easy and will make a BIG difference. Need immediate help because it [...]

5 Consequences of Back Pain You Can Easily Avoid

5 Major Consequences of Your Back Pain By Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 1, 2020 How you can prevent from harming these vital areas of your life If you have chronic lower back problems, here's how you can avoid the pain. Here, you can find [...]