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2 Stretches for walking

2 Stretches to protect your back while you walk Sherwin Nicholson | Updated Dec 2, 2020 If you enjoy going out for long walks to stay fit, here are a couple stretches you should be doing to minimize pain.  They will help you to walk [...]

Back Pain When Standing? How to Relieve the Pain

Does your back hurt when you stand? Here's what you can do to relieve the pain. SN Health Resources | Updated May 7, 2020 It's important to know why standing hurts.  This way, you can correct your problem once and for all. Even though there [...]

Back Pain When Standing? What To Do For Relief

How to Relieve Back Pain From Standing By Sherwin Nicholson | May 1, 2020 The Deep Squat Rest exercise will ease your pain quickly If you have to stand for long periods of time, you are no stranger to lower back pain.  We all have [...]

Tight Hip Flexors Causing Back & Hip Pain?

Got Back pain? Check Your Tight Hip Flexors By Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 1, 2020 For the millions of people suffering from Lower Back Pain (LBP), most of us do not realize that tight hip flexors are also a source of what is hurting [...]

5 Consequences of Back Pain You Can Easily Avoid

5 Major Consequences of Your Back Pain By Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 1, 2020 How you can prevent from harming these vital areas of your life If you have chronic lower back problems, here's how you can avoid the pain. Here, you can find [...]