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The Hamstring Stretch You Should Do Instead

How To Stretch Your Hamstrings Safely To Prevent Back Problems  Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 6, 2020 The Pelvic Dilemma Poor Hamstrings = Poor Back If you are among the majority of people who are experiencing pain, you most likely also have tight or shortened [...]

How To Stay Motivated When You Have Back Pain

Staying motivated when you are overcome with back pain By Sherwin Nicholson | May 4, 2020 Don't let the pain bring you down.  Focus instead on your goal to overcome it. Whether you are looking for a treatment, learning one, or using one to maintain [...]

How to Relieve Glute Muscle Pain

How You Can Relieve Glute Muscle Pain By Sherwin Nicholson | May 4, 2020 Did you know that your gluteus muscles are not only just important for your hips but also your back?  It's not your back muscles that need conditioning as much as it's [...]

Back Spasms. 8 Ways to Treat & Prevent Them

Back Spasms - 8 Tips To Relieve & Treat Back Pain Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 4, 2020 Do you have back spasms frequently? Are you experiencing one now? Remember, it is NOT just about managing them until they pass.  It's about prevention also. Here, [...]

5 Tips for Chronic Back Pain

 5 Very Easy Tips for Chronic Lower Back Pain By Sherwin Nicholson | May 4, 2020 If managing your pain has become hard, start with these 5 easy tips.  They will change your approach dramatically. 1. Never Touch Your Toes (to stretch) Never means never. [...]

Top 10 Tips For Back Pain You Can Easily Do

10 Easy Tips to Stop Back Pain By Sherwin Nicholson | May 4, 2020 Reduce discomfort and protect yourself from injury with these 10 tips To get the most out of your effort, make sure that you dedicate enough time to practice them. Need even [...]

The #1 Tip For Back Pain

The #1 Tip to Prevent Back Pain By Sherwin Nicholson | May 4, 2020 There is something wrong that we ALL do but shouldn't We bend down the wrong way. Incorrect bending leads to disc injury We rarely do it in a safe and balanced [...]

Gluteus Tests For Back Pain. 2 Simple Tests

2 simple gluteus muscle tests to relieve your back pain By Sherwin Nicholson | May 4, 2020 Your Gluteus maximus muscle is the KEY to preventing lower back pain. Do you have both glute muscle pain, hip and back problems? It's not a coincidence. When [...]

Relieve Morning Stiffness With This Easy Exercise

Relieve your morning stiffness with this simple exercise By Sherwin Nicholson | May 1, 2020 The Standing Hip Shift exercise will get you moving again and with less pain To go straight to the exercise, please scroll/swipe down. Are you flexible just before bed but [...]

Causes of Back Pain & A Simple Stretch for Relief

Routine causes of back pain and a simple stretch for relief By Sherwin Nicholson | May 1, 2020 Does your back feel tight and stiff right now? Is it especially sore in the morning? With all of the different causes of back pain, most of [...]

5 Back Pain Warning Signs

5 Biggest Problems of Lower Back Pain By Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 1, 2020 It's not just your spine but your quality of life (and even those around you) This article is to make you more aware of what you can do to minimize [...]

Stretching & Lower Back Pain. Why you should do it

You need to stretch to save your back from pain By Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 1, 2020 Learn how to overcome the initial challenges of stretching Stretching seems to be easy for those who have: Few issues with their lower back Significant flexibility Well-conditioned [...]