6 Improved Doctor Recommended Remedies for Lower Back Pain

How You Should Use Them For Improved Relief

Sherwin Nicholson |Updated May 7, 2020

Dare we improve what doctors recommend, let alone 6 ways? Yes. It’s worth knowing why. 

Even though there are so many recommended remedies out there, it can be hard to narrow down the most important ones.

Let’s begin here with the 6 most common remedies, but take them a step further so that you can benefit even more.

I know, there are more, but your doctor will advise you on following these the most.

The underlying problem is that you’ll keep visiting your doctor more frustrated every time while getting the same recommendations.   So maybe there is a better way to go about putting them into effect.

The 6 Most Doctor-Recommended Remedies are:over the counter pain killers

  1. Use a Cool Pack upon first signs of pain. Apply to the area.
  2. Take Over the Counter Analgesics for more intense symptoms.
  3. Apply Topical Analgesics for a more localized source.
  4. Change your Mattress for overnight relief.
  5. Seek Chiropractic and/or Physiotherapy Treatment.
  6. Get sufficient Exercise.

Here are suggestions on how to follow these well known & popular remedies

We all follow these methods from time to time.  Some of us more diligently than others and the results can vary.  Some will even have success but later experience failure.

The underlying problem is that you’ll keep visiting your doctor more frustrated every time while getting the same recommendations.

Problems regarding the 6 Common Remedies


These remedies are routinely recommended in the order above.  Although sensible, it is for those who mistakenly prefer to prioritize their treatment this way and for every time that they experience lower back pain.

Second. topical pain killers

This order is for acute or temporary bouts of back pain.  It works for occasional episodes or flare-ups where you have had a bad but manageable day.


Most of us will find that we will have difficulty adhering to it.  There are many valid reasons.   We tend to modify or rewrite the remedy plan because some: do not work well, are too difficult, too expensive, or simply have no effect.


Due to some reasons, Number 6: Get sufficient Exercise, is usually omitted.  We then prefer to believe there are just 5 Doctor-Recommended Remedies after a while.

This happens as people tend to think that the further you go down the list, the lower the priority or requirement.


The remedies have changed from a plan to a best to worst priority/suggestion list.  Now, the first two remedies become the primary treatments.

physiotherapy and chiropractic

This, unfortunately, happens because it is a misunderstanding what your body needs to relieve you.

What is important to understand, is that every one of the 6 remedies are important and should not be ignored.  Each one has more weight than the previous depending on the situation.  Excluding some may cause a problem.

Reorganize the 6 Doctor-Recommended Remedies List

Below is the preferred order to follow. Each one has a more specific direction.

  1. Get sufficient Exercise that only supports the lower back.
  2. Seek Chiropractic or Physiotherapy Treatment specific to exercise and stretching.
  3. Change your Mattress to a moderate-to-firm comfort level for better sleep.
  4. Use a Cool Pack when necessary.
  5. Apply Topical Analgesics only when needed.
  6. Take Over the Counter Analgesics only if necessary.

While at times, it may be important to follow these remedies in the previously stated method (at the top of the page), your ultimate and more practical goal is to follow them as now outlined.

By, prioritizing fitness over pain relief, the entire list is more likely to be followed and not just the first two or last two for that matter.  Following an exercise treatment plan with the minimal use of analgesics allows you to sense what is safer for your body.   You will no longer desire to be a weekend warrior on medication nor an inactive person who prefers immediate pain relief.

If you are having difficulty learning how to manage your usage of prescription drugs, there is an excellent article from drugrehab.org that can help you.

This order will change your lifestyle into a more controlled, safer and aware one that protects your body and gives it priority.  Following an ideal program will prove to be a very effective start to your road to recovery.

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