6 improved Common Doctor-Recommended Remedies for Lower Back Pain

By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources

doctor remedies for back pain

Tips on How to Follow Them More Effectively

Search the Internet, and you will find a plethora of explanations and perspectives on how to treat lower back pain.  Even on this site, you will find similar views among some unique strategies and treatments.  

A very common method of suggesting treatment is to summarize the best ways in which to begin a plan of action.

Ten tips, Do’s and Don’ts,  Myths, etc.

A Google search for back pain tips, quickly returns the following:

The 6 Most Doctor-Recommended Remedies are:over the counter pain killers

  1. Use a Cool Pack upon first signs of pain. Apply to the area.
  2. Take Over the Counter Analgesics for more intense symptoms.
  3. Apply Topical Analgesics for a more localized source.
  4. Change your Mattress for overnight relief.
  5. Seek Chiropractic and/or Physiotherapy Treatment.
  6. Get sufficient Exercise.

Here are suggestions on how to follow these well known & popular remedies

We all follow these methods from time to time.  Some of us more diligently than others.  While some will result in a success story, many will report repeated, unsuccessful attempts.  Some will even have success but later experience failure.  We all have these outcomes in common also.

Concerns Regarding the 6 Common Remedies


These remedies are routinely recommended in the order above.  As much as it seems sensible, it is for those who prefer to prioritize their treatment this way every time that they experience lower back pain.

Second. topical pain killers

This order is geared towards acute or temporary bouts of back pain.  It works for occasional episodes or flare-ups where you have had a bad but manageable day.


Most of us will find that although this method is sensible, over time, we will have difficulty adhering to it.  There are many valid reasons for this.   We will tend to modify or rewrite the remedy plan because some: do not work well, are too difficult, too expensive, or simply have no effect.


Due to some reasons, Number 6: Get sufficient Exercise, is usually omitted.  We then prefer to believe there are just 5 Doctor-Recommended Remedies after a while.

This happens as people tend to think that the further you go down the list, the lower the priority or requirement.


The remedies have changed from a plan to a best to worst priority/suggestion list.  Now, the first two remedies become the primary treatments. Pain Control.

physiotherapy and chiropractic

This, unfortunately, happens because it is a misunderstanding what your body needs to address lower back pain.

What is important to understand, is that every one of the 6 remedies are important and should not be ignored.  Each one plays a role, having more weight than the previous one depending on the situation.  When one excludes the other or is used more often to avoid the other, then problems may result.

Reorganizing the 6 Doctor-Recommended Remedies List

Below is the preferred order to follow. Each one has a more specific direction.

  1. Get sufficient Exercise that only supports the lower back.
  2. Seek Chiropractic or Physiotherapy Treatment specific to exercise and stretch.
  3. Change your Mattress to a moderate-to-firm comfort level.
  4. Use a Cool Pack when necessary.
  5. Apply Topical Analgesics only when needed.
  6. Take Over the Counter Analgesics only if necessary.

While at times, it may be important to follow these remedies in the previously stated method (at the top of the page), your ultimate and more practical goal is to follow them as now stated.

By, prioritizing fitness over pain relief, the entire list is more likely to be followed and not just the first two or last two for that matter.  Following an exercise treatment plan with the minimal use of analgesics allows you to sense what is safer for your body.   You will no longer desire to be a weekend warrior on pain killers nor an inactive person who prefers immediate pain relief.

This order will change your lifestyle into a more controlled, safer and aware one that protects your body and gives it priority.  Following an ideal lower back pain program will prove to be a very effective start to your road to recovery.