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Now You Can Follow in Full Video!

Every exercise is demonstrated and narrated in full detail.  Learn the EXACT positions step by step, for even greater relief.  Master each move on any device, to manage AND relieve pain.  Give yourself the MOST long term relief possible!

Stream each Exercise whenever you need it to conveniently learn all steps and positions QUICKLY & ACCURATELY!

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Choose 1 of 3 VIDEO STREAMING FORMATS, accessible for 90 days.

  1. The Bundled 3 Pack for $25.97 US includes the Stream, the full eBook PDF version of the Low Back Pain Program (68 pgs) & the bonus Companion Guide eBook PDF (118 pgs). Both PDFs are downloadable and ready to print!
  2. The 2 Pack contains the Stream and The Low Back Pain Program PDF for $18.97US.
  3.  or Save & Get the Stream only at the lowest price for $13.97US

The valuable Companion Guide provides all of the support and tips you’ll need for managing and relieving your pain.

Start one of the most comprehensive Programs available today & empower yourself with all of the skills to protect your back Stop your chronic discomfort.


KEEP following the video streams monthly as you progress through the Program using the lower cost 90 day renewal as long as you want.


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The VIDEO Stream Advantages

  • Full detail and narration by myself, Sherwin!
  • Helpful tips, exercise alternatives & daily suggestions
  • Low bandwidth requirements to minimize your data usage & cellular fees
  • Easy to follow video instructions and guidance
  • Includes the PDF version of the Low Back Pain Program & Companions Guide (Package only)
  • A fully comprehensive and convenient Program at a very affordable price.
  • Streamed in MP4 video format for every device (iOS, Android, PC, etc.)
  • Direct email support from myself anytime that you need support!

Not sure? Just check out the exercises on this page.

Explore this site to know more about the Program and how you can relieve back pain.


1) Scroll/Swipe to the bottom of this page

2) Select/Tap your preferred package from 1 of 3 Options

3) In the secure payment windows enter your: name, email address, home address and payment information

4) After payment is accepted, you’ll be redirected to your own personal streaming LINK and SELZ stream page to view all of the exercise program files

5) You can stream as often as you want for 90 days. Program and Companion Guide PDFs are available in Stream Option 1 or 2.

6) A Backup Email containing a Stream LINK can also be sent to access your package at any time upon request. Be sure to save this Email for your convenience.

FOR SUPPORT: See the eBook instructions or Email at

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The PROGRAM teaches 4 Levels of Exercise with 45 short & easy to do exercises. 

LEVEL 1 will bring you out of your restricted & painful condition carefully.  

Then LEVEL 2 will safely & slowly encourage greater flexibility & strength

LEVEL 3 will train you to develop the needed power & stability to overcome and tackle many of your daily needs. 

In LEVEL 4 you’ll train yourself to master the moves, stretches and exercises to protect your back from any harm long term (Level4).


It is not a quick fix because your back, hips, knees and legs require real solutions now Take your time to review any content on this site to learn many reasons why your back is causing your chronic pain.  Learn what you can do yourself for relief!

If you like the content throughout this site, you’ll love the Program!  So far to date (as of October 2019), over 20,000 copies have been sold and countless users have had their lives changed for the better.

I reply to all emails for support to help anyone who is in need of pain relief.


Sherwin Nicholson. Hons. BSc. , Author & Owner