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Stop this common bad habit to save your back

Stop this bad habit & save yourself from chronic back pain She can do it. But you're not her. Sherwin Nicholson | Updated Dec 4, 2020 See the picture above? NEVER DO THAT! It looks healthy but it isn't. It's the worst exercise [...]

Why you shouldn’t lift with your back

How You Can Avoid Lifting (Anything) With Your Back to Prevent Pain  Sherwin Nicholson | Updated Dec 7, 2020 Bad Habit #3: Lifting with your back muscles Continued from Bad Habit #2: Leaning over This is one of those common sense rules that we repeatedly [...]

Avoid leaning to protect your back

Why You Should Avoid Leaning, Bending or Twisting to Help Relieve Your Back Pain Sherwin Nicholson | Updated Dec 7, 2020 Bad Habit #2. Leaning Over (All too often and too far) Continued from Bad Habit #1: Sitting for too long If you don't have [...]

How to retrain and recondition your back

How To Protect Your Back If You Are At Risk After completing the 5 tests for risk of lower back pain Now that you have self tested, do you feel that you are at risk? Were there movements you couldn't do well? (To see the [...]

The Full Stand Test for back pain

Back Pain Test #5: The Full Stand Test Test your back by standing up from the lying position SN Health Resources | Updated Dec 14, 2020 This is the most challenging of the 5 tests (and also the most revealing) Don't be intimidated, you are [...]

The Quad Stretch Test for Back Pain

Test your quadriceps if you're suffering with back pain SN Health Resources | Updated Dec 14, 2020 Your quads are affecting your back a lot more than you realize Have you ever seen someone at the gym stretch their quads? And for how long? Very [...]

The Squat Hold Test for back pain

The Squat Hold Test for Back Pain Hold a Squat Position to know your risk for back problems SN Health Resources | Updated Dec 14, 2020 Squatting is essential for keeping your lower back stable and neutral.  It is a preventative movement, so it helps [...]

The Hip raise test for back pain

Test#3: The Hip Raise Test You should 'Hip Shift' to protect your back. Ignore it & it will become very sore SN Health Resources | Updated Dec 14, 2020 Hip shifting is a must. It's what you need to do with every step you take. [...]

Standing leg raise test for back pain

Test #1: The Standing Leg Raise SN Health Resources | Updated May 9, 2020 A healthy back must have well conditioned leg, hip and abdominal muscles, without question for protection and stability. If you take care of them and keep them active, your pain will [...]

Take the 5 Minute Test for Back Pain. Are You At Risk?

Find out your risk for back pain with these 5 simple tests in under 5 minutes Determine your risk and learn the tools to protect yourself Test yourself in under 5 minutes to see if you're at risk Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May [...]

Back Pain Statistics That Affect You

The Stats On Back Pain & How They Affect You If you have any of these symptoms, there is help for it. by Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 8, 2020 These statistics matter when it comes to your health.  They are current and unfortunately, little [...]

Why stretching relieves back pain

Safer Stretching To Relieve & Lower Back Pain Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 5, 2020 Chronic back pain? Do you hate to stretch? You may have found the problem. Don't avoid it. You need it. You may not like to hear this but stretching is [...]