Find out your risk for back pain with these 5 simple tests in under 5 minutes

Determine your risk and learn the tools to protect yourself

Test yourself for back pain

Test yourself in under 5 minutes to see if you’re at risk

Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 9, 2020

Below I will outline 5 simple movements that you should try in order to reveal whether you are at risk for back problems. 

Here are 5 quick, essential, tests you can do each in under 1 minute to test and self evaluate your risk.

Do you find it difficult to do the things you really want without pain? Does it hurt when you bend down, lift or even sit or stand?  Does your back feel uncomfortable even when you lie down or sleep?

If this sounds a lot like you, here are some of the reasons for it.

Your glutes (muscles of your behind), hamstrings, lower back muscles, abdominals, and other core muscles you must rely on are failing you.  But you can easily fix and retrain these areas yourself!

Take these 5 simple tests to know your risk for chronic and acute lower back problems

Note: Most people who are generally ‘back healthy’ should be able to do each of these 5 movements fairly well but not perfectly. If you find these too much of a challenge, this is your warning sign to take action.

The good news is that the more you are able to accomplish these movements, the safer you will be from harm.

Try them now! You’ll be amazed how important they are to do. Once you get the hang of the movements, you will have fewer issues with your spine, muscles, fewer back spasms, stiffness, healthier hips and less knee discomfort.

Start Anywhere and Anytime

You can do each of these 5 tests in under 1 minute (5 minutes combined) anywhere and without any equipment or help. They will reveal where you are limited and what you must work on to be risk and pain free.

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