How To Protect Your Back If You Are At Risk

By Sherwin Nicholson, Honours Bachelor of Science, Author and Back Pain Specialist, SN Health Resources, Lowbackpainprogram.

After completing the 5 tests for risk of lower back pain

Now that you have self tested, do you feel that you are at risk? Were there movements you couldn’t do well?

(To see the tests again, go to the First One to begin)

If you’ve had any difficulty performing any of the 5 tests, here are some causes and solutions.

  1. Your hamstrings are too short to preserve your neutral tilt causing pain.
  2. The calves are too short and stiff to support your gait.
  3.  Your hip flexors are too weak to maintain and support your lumbar region.
  4.  The abdominals are not contracting enough to provide lumbar stability.
  5.  Your quads are too tight to protect your neutral tilt while standing.
  6.  The hip flexors are not responding enough when you attempt to squat.
  7.  Your knees are not stable enough to maintain your squat.
  8. Your glutes do not have enough strength and endurance to keep your spine straight.
  9. Your pelvis may have too much anterior pelvic tilt, affecting your ability to raise up & forward.
  10. Too much femoral anteversion/retroversion (poor leg rotation), preventing you from standing up.
  11. Very weak glutes (your inactive butt muscle) are making it too difficult for you to stand up easily.

I know, it seems a bit overwhelming that there is actually so much involved to stay protective.  It is surprising how much your body must do in order to accomplish these 5 tests.

Although it may seem daunting to have to perform so many tests, don’t let it intimidate you.  These tests will benefit you in the long run for long term pain relief. It’s worth the investment in time and effort. Please be patient.

What is important to understand is that your spine relies on so many of these key movements to remain healthy.

The good news is that it is easy to correct these problems, but it does require: time, dedication, focus and patience (and yes, energy and sweat).  Don’t be intimidated! It is worth it.  The better that you become at it, the more you will lower your risk of back injury, and in many cases eliminate it!

Solutions that will help you

Now that you know where your problems may be, lets begin to solve them.


Click the image to start the tests again

Any difficulty with any of these tests is a sure indication that you must:

  1. Strengthen your abdominals (do crunches or leg raises, just don’t do sit ups)
  2. Improve your hip flexor strength and flexibility (hip shifts, leg raises, nothing too dynamic!)
  3. Improve your glute (butt) muscle strength and endurance (squats & lunges, you don’t need weights)
  4. Learn how to maintain neutral posture (actively work your abs, keep your chin tucked & NO leanin’!)
  5. Release your tight quads (stretch, don’t force it. If you stand a lot, you have lot’s of time for it!)

This is just the beginning but you can get a lot done with just these 5 helpful solutions.

This site is here to help you to learn how to accomplish all of these 5 critical tasks so that you can keep your back safe, healthy and free of chronic pain.


At this point, you can see that you need to improve the way your body presently moves in order to accomplish each task.  What is just as important is that you must connect the fact that your lower back relies on these movements FIRST in order to stay protected.

This means that your lower body should be doing all of the hard work so your back doesn’t need to.  That’s what the 5 Tests reveal!  We are far too accustomed to forcing the upper body to do most of the physical work.  The truth of it is that your lower body protects the upper body and spine from injury!

All you need now are the tools to learn what to do.

Here are several options available for you on how to begin

Get focused and committed:

Start the sample exercises now and retrain:

Correct and treat yourself for the long term

If you are deeply committed and have been able to reach to this point in the article, I thank you.

It’s very likely for many people that have been reading, that having to physically recondition yourself out of your pain would be very discouraging and feel like unsatisfactory advice.  I likely am losing a big part of my audience at this point in the article.

But it will help you in the long run!

Empower yourself in the most effective way possible.

I’m sorry to sound like a spammer to you here, but I just want to get you to your goal of pain relief.  The sample exercises above are some of the best ways to have relief.  Do them so you can feel better and accomplish more each day.

Once you do them and feel the difference and benefits of your hard work, you may feel even hungrier for more…

By self teaching and self treating yourself how to move, stand, sit and lift in all of the most protective ways possible.  Download the most effective and affordable guide for relieving pain to your laptop or mobile.  Print it out and use it at anytime you need for relief.

If you need any support, just email me, I answer every question or concern ASAP! There is even an eBook support page available.   You can access the instructions section here too.


You will benefit from all of the exercises and will be able to accomplish many of the tasks that you struggle with now.  It is NOT a magic bullet filled with quick fixes.  It is a program guide that requires commitment and effort that does pay off for you.  It teaches you how to teach yourself life long fundamentals that protect you.

Get your own proof here and check out:

I am here to help you. I provide support for anyone how uses this program and I can be reached at anytime.  My program comes with my promise of support and a no risk refund policy.  I wish you the best possible recovery, hope and relief for your pain.


Sherwin Nicholson