5 Bad Habits You Must Stop That Are Causing Your Back Pain

By Sherwin Nicholson, Honours Bachelor of Science, Author and Back Pain Specialist, SN Health Resources, Lowbackpainprogram.



SN Health Resources | Published May 16, 2018

If you’re in pain right now, it may not be all that obvious what may be the reasons for it.  Whether or not you know the cause or even if you have specific issues such as an injury or medical condition, it is important not to make it worse.

The fact is that most of time, you are repeatedly doing something every day that is straining your back.  You could be doing something obvious such as lifting a heavy object with very poor technique.  It’s pretty clear that poor technique is a factor for muscle and disc injury.

However, a lot of the time you’re doing things that you may have no idea is an actual risk to your spine, hips, knees and all of the muscle groups involved.  That’s NOT very clear.

I am here to clear up some of the more obvious risks but many of the less obvious ones.

Bad Habit #1.  Sitting For Too Long (way too long)

We ALL sit for far too long, but did you know that sitting is the single most unhealthy habit for your overall health?  It’s even worse for your back while is most likely the reason you’re reading this article.

is your pain from adaptive shortening?

I challenge you to try to do something healthy while sitting.  I don’t think you’ll be able to come up with many.

Sitting destabilizes all of the muscles necessary to keep your spine in a neutral posture. All of your upper body weight ends up overloading your discs and straining the smaller inter vertebral muscles that are supporting your spine.  Your hips and hip flexors tighten up, adding to the problem.

Even though it feels as though you are at rest, you’re not.

So even though we now know this, we still need to sit.  It’s part of life.

The habit that you should stop is HOW LONG you sit for.

For the majority of people, it’s not a big deal so they can afford to push the limits of their body a bit more.

But if you’re in pain now which means you need to take care of yourself now.  You must limit it ASAP.  The pain is literally your sign to stop the habit.

Rule of Thumb – obey the 15/1 principle

your bad back habits at work

For every 15-20 minutes of sitting you need to stand, walk, lie down or exercise for about 1-2 minutes.

You don’t have to do anything that physical, you’re just trying to move around to reposition your posture and improve the circulation to your legs again.

This may seem like a pretty frequent interval and it is.  But it’s necessary right now so you can avoid hurting while your at your desk, driving, eating, socializing, watching media or anything similar.

Most situations that you spend your time sitting will allow for this accommodation so take advantage of it.  There is no shame in letting others know that you need to move around more for the sake of your health.  Your on your path to re prioritizing your physical needs so you can be more productive wherever you need to be.

When you can’t avoid sitting

When you have to sit or drive beyond the 15/1 rule, you’ll need to ‘compensate’ by reducing or eliminating other time where you’ll sit for an extending time.  Shall I say less screens? 

Also sit without relying on the backrest of the seat and just focus on sitting with a neutral posture unassisted.  Like how a pianist sits.  The term backrest is an oxymoron.

Rely on a timer instead of waiting it out

So put a timer on your device and set it at 15 minutes to remind you to get up. It may be inconvenient at first but you’ll get used to it and find more efficient ways to work around this adjustment period.  You’ll also feel a lot better so you’ll enjoy what your doing even more!

Don’t wait until you feel sore again to decide that it’s time to move around.  This is still too passive.  It’s better that you decide the limits rather than your body do it for you.

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