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Will your program really work for me?

What makes your program any different or better Sherwin?

Hi, and thank you so much for wanting to know more about me and the program!

This program is about you and what you’ll be able to do for relief at any time.  You’ll learn everything there is for protecting yourself from any harm to your back and relieving the pain you have now.

As important as this is to know, you’ll need actual proof.  I have listed below the 8 most important reasons you’ll love this program.

It’s a bit of a long read, but I believe it’s well worth the time and investment!

By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources | Learn all about me

Here are 8 reasons why you can count on this program

1) Credentials

Right up my alley

My credentials are as an Hons. BSc. Specialist in Human Biology.

Scientific research is a passion of mine which allows me the skill and dedication to providing insight, solutions, and help.  It drives me to pursue the most widespread chronic pain issue in and outside of the field of medicine. 

My skills, training and research are based in the Medical Sciences which I earned from The University of Toronto, The Toronto General Hospital, and The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children.  It consists of over 21 years of laboratory research and expertise of which is specialized in both Vascular and Stereotaxic surgery.  My expertise is in inflammatory vascular disease and neurosciences.

Wait. What does your science background have to do with trusting your program?

I am not just another physiotherapist, chiropractor, fitness practitioner and so on, advising you on what you probably have already heard and have done.  In fact, I bet that you have never been to a site like this one.  My site is different, and so am I.

I specialize in human biology, the inflammatory processes of the immune system, and how it applies to lower back pain.  To be able to determine the source of a concern that affects us all and find the ideal way to help others to overcome it is my priority.  These aspects are what drives a reliable and beneficial program.

I am constantly endeavoring to publish as much content possible to help you and many others re prioritize your pain issues.  It means a lot to be able to help as many people as possible to escape their struggle with lower back pain.

Fortunately, I have been able to help tens of thousands with this program, can provide proof from my testimonials and reviews, and have a stable and growing record through Amazon Kindle, Goodreads, Smashwords and more.

2) Experience

By experience, I also mean that I already know very well what it is to have severe chronic pain.  I take this seriously and stake my reputation and credibility on this.

I suffered from severe lower back pain for well over 10 years beginning in my mid-20’s.  My time included crippling spasms, constant muscle strains & sprains, impossible nights of sleep, limited mobility, having to withdraw from activities, responsibilities, work and family.

Disc bulge, facet joint swelling and soreness, pins & needles radiating down my leg, and disc herniation was common with eventual disc degeneration far too advanced for my age.  I have the x-ray and MRI images and diagnoses.   I took prescription medication and gave up my personal activities before I turned 38.  My pain would cycle between moderate and severe every day.

I understand the suffering because it controlled my life for a very long time.  I also experienced a general skepticism about getting better because it felt as if I tried everything and that my problem was the exception to the rule.

Many people also sympathize with this experience, and I understand why they are hesitant to try more potential solutions.

3) Commitment

I am there for you

My program is for the purpose of serving others and providing much needed relief.  I am committed to providing the best possible information and support possible to keep you from becoming a statistic.   It matters to be there for those that use this program and to understand the challenges that they will face in order to help.

This site has been created to provide support for those who understand that it takes hard work to get out of chronic pain and that there is no easy quick fix. 

When I had committed myself to overcoming my struggle, it took 3-4 tough years of trial, error and the frustration of trying to understand which exercises were very useful.  It was still a very uncertain time for me.  Sometimes it got worse or stayed the same as I was simply experimenting with what would work for me at the time. When I did realize what helped, I committed to it but also knew that it would not be a simple process but one that took countless steps.

The PDF/softcover/video stream version of the program comes with Email Coaching Support.  You can email me at any time whenever you require help or encouragement with the program.  You do not have to go it alone.  Yes, I am a real person that you can reach! 

And with the PDF version, there is a 60-day refund guarantee. Within that time, should you feel that the program is not for you, just send me an email that shows your invoice ID, and I will refund your purchase.

4) Realistic

Let’s get it out in the open

A program or solution should be honest about its effectiveness.  It must be clear to customers what they will need to do and why.  Solutions to overcoming your back problems are very different than most other issues.  You cannot take a pill or simply wait it out as the issues will still be there for you to confront and overcome.

Overcoming back pain requires personal dedication to self-preservation in the face of doubt. 

It is much less forgiving when you neglect it, and this reality becomes more apparent as you age.  The realistic side of this program is that there is an initial and steep learning curve that gets easier as you feel better.

The rate of recovery comes from a combination of your time, effort, and how quickly your body responds.  It can be difficult for those already suffering to accept, but as you perform the exercises, you will begin to see the method to the madness.

5) A Clear Plan

No misleading going on here

What causes most of us to give up on finding support is that the typical plan, book, website, video or instructor can become vague.

For example, a “back cure” book will tell you immediately that they have the cure.  However, as you read through the book, you eventually notice that author has outlined everything they know that could potentially help, along with some basic exercises.  They then leave it for you to decide what to do from the book.

The typical book makes a very clear argument on the ‘problems’ of your back but for some reason does not lay out a clear plan.

It is the equivalent of Google searching but in a book format. This method certainly frustrated me and had caused for me not only to give up on them but also on myself in the past.

I am not trying to knock other Authors of their book but simply want to make clear that most people want solutions and direction, not general information.  This is even more apparent when time is no longer a luxury.

6) Relevance

All guts, no filler

When your goal is for relief, most of us don’t need or want a human biology or history lesson.  For those who do, knowledge is power.  However, some of us understandably, just want direction.  The rest will come in time.

It can be confusing or disappointing when the first set of chapters of a typical ‘treatment’ book is all about education and somewhere further into the book is the solution.  A reader can begin to doubt the relevance of the authors’ point and perhaps their commitment to the book itself.

All of the material in the Low Back Pain Program book is relevant.  There are no extra chapters, filler, history lessons, etc. Only what you need to know, need to do, and need to use. Period.

95% of the book is strictly step-by-step instruction.  You don’t have to look through the book to find the solutions.   Each level and exercise is relevant to the next one and serves a purpose.

The solution requires a process of exercises.  It is not about picking favorites and hoping for relief.

7) Method and Style

Not lecturing you, but guiding instead

I have written this book from the perspective of a friend of family member that prefers to show you what to do and how.

This is how I trained in research for over 21 years.  By demonstrating to others so how they can do the exact procedure themselves, independently.

My approach is not to play professor and lecture.  Instead, you can see my style by the number of images of me demonstrating each move, along with my instructions and suggestions.

The various exercises that I demonstrate range from the familiar to the unique. 

There are numerous movements and stretches that I teach that you will never see elsewhere.  Their unique function emphasizes the specificity of the method required for relief.  I created this style because they are easy to use whenever you should need them.

That’s a lot of exercises!

In the table of contents, you will see A LOT of exercises that I want you to follow and master.

They are relevant, not arbitrary.  I bet you will find that it is the most you’ve seen in a guide.   Most of these types of books contain written, generalized content with a few illustrations inside.

The number of exercises may turn off many people to choosing a shorter program instead. I only put in the program what is necessary and relevant.  Unfortunately, many are required.  It is a turn-off but it is necessary.  Again, no quick fixes.

The approach to the program is not merely to perform a few generic exercises routinely to help your (most other programs, sorry).  Rather, it is to perform many specific ones at the right time to target an area that IS affecting you.

8) Results

What good is a program if it doesn’t work?

True. Please check out the reviews and testimonials.  I never edit them.

There are also Amazon, Smashwords and Goodreads reviews.  When you visit the vendor, you will be able to read about them there also.

I am not big on asking ‘popular‘ people or the industry to endorse my product.  The competition can do that.  I am here to make a difference in your life and for you to endorse it instead.  It is the very people that I am trying to help who are my proof.

I promise a full refund to those who do not like the program (PDF).  I can’t refund through the other vendors directly (Amazon, iBooks, etc.) as they have a different return policy.  So I then offer the book at a lower price with these vendors instead.  I am very grateful however to say that I haven’t had a single request for a refund from someone who did not like the program.

Personally, back pain is something you must be prepared to protect yourself from during your life to avoid having it for the remainder of your life.

Standing by my words and my exercises.  Always.

If my program didn’t work, it would not help me or anyone else.  I would still have severe problems, and everyone in my life would question why I would want to sell it.

I have returned to sports, weights, daily, physically intensive activities, shoveling heavy snow for hours at a time (I live in Canada, yikes), sitting, standing, lifting and sleeping without pain for years.  Zero spasms. Zero tightness.  I have become accountable to everyone around me by my claims through my actions.  This includes the internet of course.

Do you ever experience any back problems as before?

No. I honestly don’t. And I still have the degenerated discs along with it.

I keep myself conditioned with the exercises and I don’t take any risks with my body either.

My motto is: “Healthy hips and legs means a healthy back and knees.”

I don’t sleep in a ‘special’ bed nor do I use a ‘special’ chair. I rely solely on the exercises, and I proactively move, sit and lift to protect my body and spine the way you should.  My body does feel strained or tired after 3 hours of shoveling or a full day of heavy work, but full recovery is so much faster than before with no symptoms.

It is far easier for someone without back injuries and a healthy spine to promote a back relief product.  It is far more difficult for someone who has had over ten years of recorded injury also to do the same as they get older while symptom and discomfort-free.  Putting myself online with such claims is the most honest way of gaining trust.

This decision is not for the faint of heart, but for those who’s heart and program is in the right place.


Sherwin Nicholson, Hons. BSc.

East Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada

If you would like to commit to the program and get the eBook/PDF/softcover/video stream, You can start now to learn all of the movements and exercises necessary to relieve your chronic pain.

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