frequently asked questions about the program

Frequently Asked Questions

About Back Pain and the Ebook:

Please contact me if you have further questions.

  1. What is your website about?
  2. What are you selling?
  3. Why an eBook?
  4. Are you selling anything else?
  5. What are your credentials?
  6. What is your personal experience with lower back pain?
  7. How can I trust your advice or believe that your program/eBook will work for me?
  8. If I am not happy with your book, can I get a refund?
  9. How many pages is the eBook?
  10. Why is there so much background info and not just the exercises?
  11. I have seen many other back pain programs.  What is so special about your program?
  12. Should I consult a professional first?
  13. How long does the program take?  How quickly will I see relief?

  14. Is it necessary to follow the entire eBook? Why not choose what is best or as needed?

  15. The exercises that I current perform seem to work well for me but then the back issues return after some time.  Are the exercises the correct ones?

  16. Your program sounds like a lot of work.  Isn’t back pain a more simple problem than you claim it to be?

  17. I am afraid that I may be wasting time with another back pain internet solution.  What is your guarantee?

  18. Some of your exercises appear too challenging or difficult to perform. Will I lose out by omitting them?

  19. I don’t have extra time to perform most of the exercises suggested. What can I do?

  20. I am not sure if it is worth the investment. Can I download a free sample of the eBook?

What is your website about?

The purpose of this website is to provide information about lower back pain and an exercise eBook for people who are in need of long term help for this debilitating pain.  The information on the site is to help provide an awareness, education and solution to relieve discomfort for those unable to alleviate their pain.  By creating an awareness of the specific problems that affect the lower back, one can learn what specific activities and exercises that can be performed to reverse, slow down and prevent their pain.

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What are you selling?

I have written an instruction guide (eBook)  that helps to alleviate and correct lower back pain long term.  The program provides one with information to read in order to gain a greater understanding of the root causes and specific ways to address and treat them for relief.

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Why an eBook?

An eBook is a very convenient and fast way for people to read instructional programs in a book form.  This format allows the reader to choose whether to read from their handheld device, tablet or print out a hard copy, thereby making the information available for easy access anywhere, anytime.  The exercises are then easily accessible to help with back pain when needed.

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Are you selling anything else?

No. The purpose of my site is specifically to provide awareness and to offer a program in the form of an eBook that will provide long term relief.  There will be an additional video of the exercises which will be available in the near future.

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 What are your credentials?

I have an Honours Bachelor of Science Specialist Degree in Human Biology from the University of Toronto.   I have 20 years of medical research experience as a Medical Research Technician and Technologist.

In this time,  I have been able to investigate the many problems and issues associated with respect to the lumbar spine.  I have been able to help many people to find effective pain relief through exercises.  I speak also from personal experience as a former sufferer of painful chronic lower back pain for over ten years.

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What is your personal experience with lower back pain?

I have written a detailed story regarding my personal issues with back pain. You can read it on the personal info link ‘About the Author’.  To be brief,  I myself have experienced challenging episodes of back pain.  These episodes of mine gradually became very debilitating and restricted my lifestyle severely.  I eventually gave up many activities that I previously enjoyed, becoming much less active due to chronic pain.   Over time and the appropriate research and treatment, I was able to reverse all of my pain of ten years.  I was able to resume the lifestyle I have always desired with no return of pain for many years since.

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How can I trust your advice or believe that your program/eBook will work for me?

My purpose for writing this book and creating this website is NOT to profit from the suffering nor to claim to provide a magic bullet.  Magic bullets don’t work.

In order for the reader to trust my advice, they must understand where the advice is coming from and whether or not the advice is sound and trustworthy.   My book provides information that the reader can already find online, at the bookstore or the library, doctor’s office or any other professional health care providers business.  However the difference is that the reader has this information in an eBook which is written in a step by step plan.  They can progress at their own pace and privacy.

I know this struggle first-hand and hope to both inspire and guide you to get through it as I have.  It is not a simple topic and each and every case is to be taken seriously.  I am aware that many people have given up and resorted to pain medication or altered their lifestyle severely as a result.  I also did this for many years. My desire to help others comes personally and I have always wanted those with this terrible pain to get important lasting relief.  I have tried for many years, failed over and over with incorrect advice from others (although well meaning) and know what discomfort can be had with the wrong methods.

That is my commitment and passion regardless of any website or eBook.

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If I am not happy with your book, can I get a refund?

The eBook comes with a 60 day money back guarantee (PDF).  There is a different refund policy when downloading through your e-reader so please follow the policy advised there. I look forward to your feedback in return as to why the eBook was not satisfactory.   As I mentioned,  the purpose of the book is to provide lasting and trusted information for sufferers.  I would always desire to maintain a respectful standard for those who have no time or money to waste with respect to a serious physical issue.

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How many pages is the eBook?

It is complete with 64 pages, including 45 different exercises. This is for the PDF download.  It varies in length with an e-reader but contains the same content.  There is no filler.  This is a no nonsense guide complete with all the exercises and movements necessary for the treatment of lower back pain.

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Why is there so much background info and not just the exercises?


Background info is provided in order to help you gain maximum benefit from the program, through the following:

  • You will be able to perform the exercises with a greater understanding of their purpose and function, and understanding the background causes and problems that are involved with your pain.
  • You will understand your condition more fully, including what is happening to you physically, and be able to predict and treat with success over the long term.
  • You can then become more personally involved with your own care and capable of effective self-management.
  • You can ensure that the appropriate exercise is followed since you will understand the functional significance and value it has for you.

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I have seen many other back treatment programs.  What is so special about your program?  

The programs uses specific exercises that in time become daily functional movements that you incorporate into your life.  Thus, it no longer feels like an ‘exercise’ anymore, but the way your body should ‘exercise’ throughout your day.  This program uses familiar and practical methods and exercises that the user can perform at their own convenience. The exercises require no special equipment or assistance.  They can be performed anywhere and anytime.  They are practical because most can be performed at any time and for a short duration.  The program can be done at once or broken up over periods throughout a typical day.  Thus it would be conducive to a variety of schedules and incorporated into one’s daily routines.   By doing this, one can maintain a lifestyle that supports a healthy back, with a reasonable time commitment.

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Should I consult a professional first?

Yes.  As with all programs and exercises available,  it is important to consult with your family doctor or a back specialist to ensure that you do not have any serious underlying conditions.   Exercising without proper medical consultation can pose a risk to your back and may result in serious or further injury.  Please consult a medical doctor or specialist prior to any treatment program to obtain prior consent.

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How long does the program take?  How quickly will I see relief? 

My philosophy with regards to low back pain relief is that you must have a serious, focused and faithful mindset that is goal oriented for the long term.   Free samples give the impression that there is quick relief around the corner.

The Program is not to be regarded as a quick fix.  The rate that you progress through the program is an individual matter,  depending on individual differences in one’s condition, degree of injury, and also based on one’s level of commitment and effort made.  Efforts to find a quick fix will likely result in frustration.

Some potential customers may judge a book solely but how quickly they may achieve results.  Recovery from back pain takes time as there are many ‘layers’ and issues involved prior to pain.  These layers need to be ‘stripped’ away one by one before reaching the injury.  That is why pain relief takes time.   It is certainly understandable that quick pain relief may be needed as your tolerance and threshold limit is maximized at this time.

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Is it necessary to follow the entire program? Why not choose what is best or as needed?

The program comprises of specific core exercises. They each address the different problems that lead up to back pain.   By performing different exercises, you thereby target specific muscle groups that will improve in function and then allow proper support and protection for the lower back.   If one chooses only a selected few by picking and choosing what they prefer or think is relevant only, they risk only partial relief of the back issue.  This results in the impression that the chosen exercise is not adequately helping when other exercises are also vital.   The exercises work together in order to be more effective.

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The exercises that I currently perform seem to work well for me but then the back issues return after some time.   Are the exercises the correct ones?

It is possible that you are spot targeting your back issue.  This means that you are aiding a specific area of your body that is providing some relief.   However, because the back is a very complex body part,  a complex treatment or more advanced plan is needed in order to resolve the issues that led up to your pain.  The pain sometimes resumes simply because the target exercise resolves only one of the issues that your back suffers from.  This allows you enough relief that you begin to believe that the issue is resolved.  It returns because there are other factors that are placing stress on your spine from others areas of your body that the target exercise cannot support long term. By using a multi-targeting approach, you can then address the multiple issues with your back.

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Your program sounds like a lot of work.   Isn’t back pain a more simple problem than you claim it to be?

Yes, it is a lot of work.  No, it is not a simple problem.  People with chronic back pain know how difficult it is to treat.  Most have tried everything and have received therapy from almost everyone.   We all feel like our wheels are spinning and that we are going nowhere while everyone else is enjoying  a more productive life.  People become physically tired from the pain together with the ongoing disappointment associated with failed attempts at treatment.  Your back is complex and performs complex functions and movements in order to provide the daily support and demands that you place on it.   It takes a lot of ‘work’ to be applied to your spine over a long period of time in order for it to fatigue and exhibit discomfort.   It then also takes effort, discipline, time, patience and determination to treat it effectively.   Once one develops an understanding of what is required to maintain a healthy spine,  then you can appreciate the important function and value that your back has.   You then realize that there is no simple solution and that a claim for one is not valid or desired.

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I am afraid that I may be wasting time with another internet ‘back pain’ solution.  What is your guarantee?

The eBook comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.  I do not desire to earn money from someone knowing that the book did not genuinely help someone who suffers.   I understand the frustration involved in much needed relief for your pain.  I endured it for more than 10 years.  I chose a path where I would simply settle for chronic back pain, a limited lifestyle and prescription painkillers.   I also felt to blame as it was ‘my’ back and my responsibility. Let me be clear, I am not offering a ‘solution’.  It is an eBook program for those who suffer from chronic back pain that is muscular in nature.

         Back pain that is a result of something more severe such as a direct injury or disease process is a separate issue in need of much specialized care.   Please get medical help to address such a condition.

         If your pain is due to your lifestyle, such as daily activities, amount of exercise,  sedentary lifestyle,  body weight and even your career activity,  then you place certain demands on your back that this program will address such as not to lead to more serious pain issues later in life. The program is meant to educate the sufferer so that they become vitally aware of what physical movement they are performing and needing in order to protect the spine and avoid stress and eventually pain.  The program will help to resolve these issues and the associated pain that comes with it. A ‘solution’ would mean that back pain would not return.   Everyone suffers from some amount of pain with their lower back time to time.

           Most people recover quickly with little intervention or treatment.  However some people fall into the chronic category and require specific tools and skills to learn and apply to then recover out of this chronic cycle.   This program is designed for this purpose.

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Some of your exercises appear too challenging or difficult to perform.  Will I lose out by omitting them?

No.  Some exercises overlap in function and can be omitted only if it is medically recommended.  It may simply be that your body needs to progress at a slower and more cautious pace to eventually perform the exercise.   While it may seem that you cannot do the particular exercise, it can be due to a limited range of motion due to back issues, tightness, injury and guarding from the muscles.  With time and adequate rest and stretching, your range of motion and strength will develop and you will be able to perform the exercise.

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I don’t have extra time to perform most of the exercises suggested.  What can I do?

Prioritize.   We already know that your back pain relief is of a very high priority.  Time is what is lacking.   The program that I am promoting is not a program that requires long term time consumption.    There is an initial investment of time required to read and study about what your body doing that results in your back pain.   The suggested movement and exercises are exercises that can be done at your pace and frequency.   It is preferred that you follow the program in its entirety as there are several exercises that should be mandatory but may not seem relevant to you personally. The benefit of these exercises is that they are rehabilitative in nature.  That is, they require an initial amount of time to strengthen and lengthen the muscle group and provide more mobility as a result.

Eventually, you will have built up enough strength, flexibility and stability for your back that you will only require very short ‘refresher’ exercise of much less time in order to maintain a healthy back. I have designed this program so that the maintenance exercises are ones that you perform naturally during your daily routines.  This way, you can maintain a healthy back anytime while using very common movements as exercises.

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I am not sure it’s worth the investment.  Can I download a free sample of the ebook?

The eBook is priced at an affordable cost so that most will consider a reasonable investment.  It also includes a 60 day money back guarantee.

The website provides some specific examples of exercises that are taken directly from the book.

I don’t agree with offering ‘free samples’ simply because they are commonly used as a sole ‘litmus’ test for whether one should commit to an exercise program.  Whether the free sample works for you or not does accurately reflect the goal of the exercise program.  The free sample test often leads you into a quick fix mentality.  Quick fixes may seem helpful if you have chronic pain but the root causes of low back pain cannot be addressed this way.

This program takes time and is worth the commitment, effort and patience.   It will develop your muscles as they are intended to in order to protect, strengthen and condition your lower back.

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