The Benefits of Massage for Back Pain

What are the benefits of a full body massage? The Benefits of a Full Body Massage  Jessica Smith | Published September 6, 2018 | Reviewed by Sherwin In today’s times when our lives are fast-paced and full of stressful challenges, our body and [...]

Seeing a Specialist for Back Pain

When You Should See a Specialist For Back Pain Depending on your symptoms, you may need to consult your doctor for a specialist sooner than later by Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 8, 2020 Getting help online is a common way of looking after your [...]

8 Benefits of The Low Back Program

Will your program really work for me? What makes your program any different or better Sherwin? Hi, and thank you so much for wanting to know more about me and the program! This program is about you and what you'll be able to do for [...]

6 Better Doctor Recommended Remedies for Back Pain

6 Improved Doctor Recommended Remedies for Lower Back Pain How You Should Use Them For Improved Relief Sherwin Nicholson |Updated May 7, 2020 Dare we improve what doctors recommend, let alone 6 ways? Yes. It's worth knowing why.  Even though there are so many recommended [...]

4 Popular Back Pain Treatments That Work

4 Popular Treatments for Lower Back Pain that Work By Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 6, 2020 Back pain and treatment  Are you looking for options for your pain that are noninvasive and non surgical? There are some options here that can work for you. [...]

How to exercise to relieve back pain so it won’t hurt you

Worried About Exercising to Relieve Back Pain? Here is what to do. Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 6, 2020 Avoiding Physical Activity Because of Lower Back Pain? See Part 2: More Concerns. Is it really a safe treatment for me? You don't have to avoid [...]

Tips for exercising with back pain

Help if You're Not Sure with Exercise and Back Pain Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 6, 2020 For Part One, see "Worried About Exercise to Relieve Back Pain?" If you have reservations or concerns about using physical activity to treat and relieve your pain, I [...]

Instructions for the Program

How to Use the Low Back Pain Program eBook/softcover/video stream Answers on where to begin, which exercises, how many, how long, etc.. Congratulations and Welcome to the Program!  You can also check out the customer FAQ page for more support. You can download and [...]

5 Exercise fears we have about back pain

5 vital reasons exercising (the right way) can relieve back pain By Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 1, 2020 Will it aggravate my current pain?  Should I avoid it? I'm afraid. The 5 five reasons people avoid exercise and why you shouldn't At first, it [...]

How To Choose The Right Book/eBook for Your Back Pain

Choosing the Right Book/eBook for Your Pain Where do I Begin? By Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 1, 2020 There are more books about back pain in print than ever before.  The list continues to grow every day.  With the popularity of smartphones, e-readers, tablets [...]

How The Low Back Pain Program Works For You

How the Program & Companion Guide Relieves Your Pain By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources | Updated May 1, 2020 How the Program & Companion Guide Relieves Your Pain The Low Back Pain Program & Companion Guide will help you with: Immediate lower back [...]

Should I Exercise If I Have Back Pain?

How these Simple Exercises Can Stop Your Back Pain By Sherwin Nicholson | Updated May 1, 2020 Did you know that one of the most highly recommended treatments for lower back pain is proactive & protective exercise? Other treatments that are recommended can involve medication [...]