How the Program Helps You with Your Pain

the low back pain program

The Program is designed with the following concerns in mind:

  • Immediate lower back pain issues
  • Tightness, stiffness and inflexibility from chronic issues
  • Muscles, joints and ligaments that have limited mobility from inadequate conditioning
  • Weakness and imbalances that affect posture and joint stability
  • Prevention of recurrence of factors that cause pain to return
  • Challenges of time management for exercise

Four Levels of Exercise Address the Following:


1) Limited Mobility Exercises (13 exercises)

  1. Tightness and stiffness that limit your ability to perform more advanced exercises properly
  2. Target muscle groups that causes immediate pain to your lower back and joints and restrict your ability to move well
  3. Help you to develop the flexibility and mobility needed to move well and with less pain
  4. Help you to learn specific exercises that can be used anytime for immediate pain management
  5. Train muscles to relax and respond easier to the exercises and stretches designed

2) Progressive Exercises (19 exercises)

  1. Target the muscles groups and joints that were restricted from proper initial movement
  2. Isolate, move and strengthen specific areas not functioning proactively as intended
  3. Condition the muscles to learn how to respond properly to daily movements
  4. Improve the fitness level of the muscle so that it is able to maintain an effective level of protection to the lumbar spine
  5. Train the lower back, hips and legs to move functionally
  6. Prevent imbalances and any overcompensation from weaker muscles groups

3) Challenging Exercises (13 exercises)

  1. Challenge the body to move with much greater range of mobility and ease
  2. Challenge various muscle groups to work in sync together to protect the lumbar spine
  3. Help to ensure that the correct muscles are sufficiently conditioned to meet the daily demands and stresses put on the spine
  4. Train the muscle groups to move functionally with greater strength so you can perform more difficult activities
  5. Help to permanently reverse muscle weakness, fatigue and pain

4) Maintenance Exercises (11 exercises)

  1. Keep muscle groups and joints functioning properly and effectively to protect and prevent you from pain
  2.  Naturally work in to your regular day to be used and natural movement instead of only exercises
  3. Can be performed ‘as needed’ to prevent recurrence of your back pain and to maintain your lumbar health

 For further details on the program,  please see the Table of Contents.

If you agree about how it works, please consider the value that this program offers.  It is simple, safe and easy.

It is intended for those already in discomfort and in need of careful, preliminary steps at first, and according to their initial limitations.

You will not be dissatisfied as the eBook (PDF) comes with a 60 day money back refund policy and comes at a very affordable price (less than $7).  It is priced low so that anyone can have affordable access to sound information. It may even help you to spend less on more costly treatments and appointments.


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