5 Awesome Reasons to Use The Program, Guide & Video Stream

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By Sherwin Nicholson | SN Health Resources

If you want a proven, successful Program & Guide that is easy to use, look no further.

5 Advantages Of The Low Back Pain Program, Companion Guide & Video Stream

You’ll get:


  • can be performed easily and safely at home or anywhere preferred

  • can be performed at your own pace

  • exercises require little equipment or assistance

  • many exercises are performed while seated or lying down

  • can be performed at all times of the day and as needed

  • maintenance exercises are designed to be performed on an as needed basis

  • fewer exercises required as relief improves

  • exercises are designed to be used with your daily routine to blend in with your day

  • exercises are short and simple to follow

  • comes as a simple, single, and printable eBook

  • uses straightforward, easy to read, step by step instructions with detailed photos

    Easy to follow Videos of each exercise to watch on your device


    • exercises are performed at your own pace and comfort level

    • no heavy equipment required

    • many exercises are done while seated, lying down or with hand support

    • designed to be careful to prevent injury

    • designed to be careful on your hips, knees and legs

    • designed to help strengthen and condition many imbalances for stability


  • targets problem muscle groups

  • strengthens weak and imbalanced areas to protect the lumbar spine

  • conditions muscles groups to stabilize weak and vulnerable areas and joints

  • mobilizes tight and stiff muscles and joints to obtain relief

  • corrects muscle imbalances that lead to back strain, injury and pain

  • helps to protect the lumbar spine and prevent recurrence of injury


  • each exercise can be performed at your own pace and comfort level

  • each exercise can be performed individually in a short amount of time

  • can be performed at all times of the day

  • designed to be performed within your daily routines to save time

  • exercises requires less time to perform as relief improves

  • fewer exercises required with progress and stability

    concise and detailed videos of each exercise to watch anywhere you can use your device


  • affordable, one time cost

  • no expensive equipment required

  • no other investments required later

  • only requires initial investment of time and effort

When you are in pain, you need a safe and easy solution.

I have created this program out of a desperate need to get myself out of 10 horrible years of endless chronic lower back pain.  It has been a tremendous journey of trail and error but has developed into a pain-free success.

It is NOT a quick fix scheme.  It is YOU doing all the hard work to get YOURSELF out of your struggle with back issues.  The fact is that there are a lot of muscles groups that you’ll need to retrain and recondition.  There will be easy days and hard ones and that is being honest about a Program that is serious and works.

Everything that you’ll need to know for the right exercises are in the Program and Video stream while everything that you want to do with the exercises are in the Companion Guide.

You don’t have to take much of your daily time to use the Program as it only requires up to 20 per day to follow.  But i’m certain that once you get the hang of it and begin to feel improvement and relief, you’ll want to spend more time with the exercises naturally!

If you want to know more about it, see below are follow the helpful links to find out.  For even more tips and help, search all of the categories and links available on this site.  I know that you’ll be able to find many solutions for your back easily.


Sherwin Nicholson (Author, Site Owner)

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